The focus of the recovery room is to provide the active individual with the tools to reduce muscle fatigue and injury.

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Regenerative Medicine

The field of regenerative medicine has gained significant interest over the past few years. The concept of achieving pain relief while avoiding surgery is a significant factor in its increased interest. Unfortunatley, the intense desire to seek out regenerative options has led to the development of “stem cell clinics” providing false claims and procedures performed by non-specialists or non-physicians. However, when performed correctly, regenerative medicine can offer great value to the future of medicine, including for patients seeking pain prevention and injury treatment.

Today’s regenerative medicine encompasses a wide variety of treatments and technologies that include but are not limited to stem cells. Many products involve the use of autologous stem cells through blood or bone marrow aspiration as well a liquid solutions to help aid a healing environment. This article will discusses the specific areas of regenerative medicine used at The Recovery Room Sports and Regenerative Medicine Clinic.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP is a non-invasive or minimally invasive option to help patients treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries without undergoing surgery.  PRP Therapy utilizes a patient’s own blood to promote healing tissue and cells to a damaged tendon or cartilage. Treatments help to alleviate pain as well as improve the healing process of a specific area.

PRP is most commonly used to treat patients with osteoarthritis as well as tendonitis in the hip, knee or shoulder. Evidence published in the journal of Arthroscopy showed that in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis, PRP injections resulted in significant clinical improvements up to 12 months post injection and did better in outcomes compared to hyaluronic acid.(1) Those that have failed conservative treatments or looking for alternatives to surgery may be a candidate for PRP.

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Stem Cell

Stem cells derived from bone marrow contain one of the highest concentrations of autologous stem cells in the human body. This type of regenerative medicine modality is used to promote healing of fracture,  ligaments or tendons, articular cartilage in arthritic joints, and replacing degenerative vertebral disks. Evidence published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed 28 studies with BMC and osteoarthritis indicating that intra-articular BMC therapy is safe and in some cases radiological improvements were reported for osteoarthritis (2).


Prolotherapy  is a regenerative treatment using concentrated dextrose to produce and inflammatory reaction to injured tissue. Pains stemming from tendons, ligaments and muscles are often best treated with prolotherapy. Prolotherapy helps promote healthy blood supply to an area that is injured to help maintain nourishment and repair itself. Evidence in a recent systematic review of randomized controlled trials indicates Prolotherapy with hyperosmolar dextrose solution is a potentially effective adjuvant intervention to physical therapy for patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy ranging from tendinosis to partial-thickness and small full-thickness tears. (3)

Is Regenerative Medicine right for you?

Consulting with a physician to review your imaging and medical history is important to determine if a regenerative medicine treatment is right for you. If conservative treatments including medications, physical therapy and braces have not provided the adequate pain relief and looking to prevent surgery, regenerative medicine treatment may aid the healing process and provide the improvements in pain and function.

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