The focus of the recovery room is to provide the active individual with the tools to reduce muscle fatigue and injury.

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Tennis Talk

Got tennis elbow?

No problem. The Recovery Room has got you covered with treatment fit for the pros. (In fact, we will be closing during the Western Southern Open as recovery sponsors of the tournament, as world class athletes come to recover after matches.) Here is an interview with TRR founder Dr. Priyesh Mehta on Tennis Elbow and more.

(The interview has been lightly edited for clarity.)

First of all, what is tennis elbow?

PM: Tennis elbow is a really common injury among tennis players, but also among weightlifters and baseball players. Essentially, it is a condition where the player gets pain along the outside portion of the elbow. With repetitive use of the elbow, the tendon pulls on that outside portion of the elbow and ultimately cause pain.

How can The Recovery Room help with tennis elbow?

PM: TRR is focused on prevention. We treat the injury through different modalities like cryotherapy, which reduces inflammation around the tendon, or cupping, which can reduce stress and tension on the elbow. We also emphasize prevention of the injury even after it happens, which includes things like stretching to allow the athlete to heal.

What is cryotherapy and how can it help?

PM: Cryotherapy is utilizing localized cold air to reduce tissue temperature 30-40 degrees in a three minute span of time. Basically what it’s doing is the equivalent of an ice pack on your elbow for over an hour.

Since athletes of different sports can get tennis elbow, is there another name for it?

PM: The technical term for it is lateral epicondylitis.

How long does it take to treat tennis elbow?

PM: It really depends on the stage it’s in, but in general 2-3 treatments and you start seeing improvement. However, it can take much longer if it is a lingering or chronic issue.

What are other common tennis or sports injuries and how can TRR help?

PM: A lot are rotator cuff or shoulder injuries due to serving. Another injury that is very common is in the ankle due to footwork issues. I recommends similar treatment or recovery process for both, whether that be cryotherapy to reduce inflammation or cupping to reduce stress on the muscle.

What can we expect for the Western Southern Open?

PM: It’s going to be a great tournament with some world class athletes, the best tennis players in the world. As recovery partners of the tournament, we will expect 20-30 athletes a day, and we will close to the public during the tournament. We’re going to make it a relaxing atmosphere for the athletes as they recover as well.