The focus of the recovery room is to provide the active individual with the tools to reduce muscle fatigue and injury.

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Membership Terms and Conditions

The Recovery Room Terms and Conditions
  • Membership to the Recovery Room and the use of its facilities are subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Recovery Room, as amended from time to time, including any and all rules, regulations and directions posted in the Recovery Room’s facilities and grounds. These rules and regulations are incorporated by reference to the Agreements as set out in full. Managers of Recovery Room may require those in violation of these rules and regulations to leave the facility and premises.
  • Access to the facility is through presentation of your membership bar code/app. Such access is not assignable to any family members, friends or any other third parties.  Any Member in violation of this section will be charged an additional drop-in fee for any day that the Membership is assigned to a third-party.
  • 1 Session means one check-in/entry per day. Multiple Services may be conducted in 1 session; however, 1 entry per day is equal to 1 Session in the Membership package.  e. Member may not use services in the morning, and then come back to use services in the afternoon as 1 session.  This would equal 2 sessions.
  • All payment must be remitted online prior to treatment. Regular Membership fees will be processed automatically on a monthly basis per the terms of your Membership Agreement.  The Recovery Room does not accept insurance and has opted out of Medicare.
  • Certain services including but not limited to: Cupping, muscle stimulation, IV Therapy, and Sports Medicine treatments require appointments to be made online at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. Cancellation of an appointment is required at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.  No-shows and cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice are subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Any guest under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and/or have a waiver of liability signed by the parent or legal guardian. All Members and Guests using the Recovery Room equipment or undergoing treatments must be over the age of 14 unless otherwise provided in writing by the Physician.
  • State law prohibits anyone from bringing alcoholic beverages onto the premises.
  • The Recovery Room’s facilities and its grounds smoke free.
  • Harassment of Recovery Room members, guests and/or staff is strictly prohibited. Harassing behavior is conduct that unreasonably interferes with a person’s use of the facilities and/ or creates a hostile or offensive environment. Any member who witnesses inappropriate behavior at the facility should notify management immediately.
  • Solicitation is not allowed without the written permission of the manager. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, posting or displaying any material, soliciting of goods or services whether for sale or not, and the soliciting or signing of any petition.
  • There shall be no use of abusive language in the facility.
  • The Recovery Room is not responsible for your personal property loss, theft, or damage which is not a result of the Recovery Room’s misconduct.

The content, photos, logos and design on the website, social media, and within the facility are subject to the Recovery Room Copyright, Trademark, and intellectual property.  No reproduction, copy, or license is permitted under the law or by the Company.